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“I have been using your illusions in thousands of shows throughout the years and I’m still using them today!


Not only are they built to last, they always arrive on time, are easy to assemble,  lightweight to transport and…


… most importantly, they are designed to fool people and help in my success at every single show.


Nobody can ask for more!”        


Erix Logan, Italy,  Winner of Trophee Robert-Houdin 2010










Dear Gerry and Leonora,


Debuted the Cane Cabinet last night and received a Standing O.!  The illusion worked flawlessly and is a joy to perform - lots of fun! Thank you, again.


Best regards,


Matthew & Mistia Fallon, USA








I'm working with my show on MSC CRUISE SHIP and the Multi level magic it's


Everytime I have a standing ovation!!! Thanks for your beautiful work!!


Luca Volpe, Italy











Hi Gerry, hi Leonora,


Unpacked everything this weekend and found what I dreamt of! It is terrific. Light in weight! Easy to setup! Packing very small and looking so beautiful! And the idea of hiding is so brilliant!


  All the best from Germany


Jörg Tragert










Hi guys,


Thank you...It's an absolute gobsmack!....


I Love It !!!!!!!!!


Your attention to detail and the care you put into things is wonderful.  


all the best to you both,


Ricki Gray, South Africa










The finishing and quality on both props are superb and the attention to details are as always amazing. You’re an amazing craftsman, don’t know what would illusionists do without Gerry Frenette?

Thanks again and by the way I am preparing for you my  next order! :) I will email you within the week




MUMDO, Saudi Arabia











"Thank you very much for all your thoughts on my illusion request. I am excited by the opportunity to perform such a spectacular (multi illusion) sequence by Magic Makers. In spite of my continued disappointments in the past with illusion builders, I hold your professionalism, enthusiasm, reliability and craftsmanship in the highest regard."


Fred Becker,










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