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Building Your Own Illusions  The Complete Video Course




but felt unsure, and wished for expert guidance to do it better?


                                    NOW YOU CAN!


"So often during my career I have heard from magicians who

wanted tobuild an illusion, and needed help.   We realized that

these peoplewere not in the market to buy an illusion from any

professional builder.  

Maybe they  can't  justify the cost yet.   They are frustrated, as

there is only sketchy information available.   The cost of trial-

and-error and undeceptive, or unprofessional looking props is

also too high.   So there is a tremendous need for this course.  

You can also apply what you learn to building smaller stage

props.  It's never been done before, no professional builder

has ever shared their secrets and techniques -- until NOW."


You will:


* Learn how to do everything from driving a screw properly to

advanced building techniques in mechanics and engineering

* Learn how to get a nice paint finish without spray equipment

* Be able to build illusions right in your home (in a small space)

* See exactly how it's done as you watch Gerry build 3 complete

 illusion projects   from start to finish

* Learn dozens of tips, ideas and techniques, and use proven,

  stage-tested measurements

* Learn what materials and tools to use

* Understand how to make your illusion as deceptive as possible

* Get 5 DVD's packed full of information, plus a  6th bonus data

disccontaining drawings, blueprints, documents, and photos.


All this for just $150!




$150 Can.

(About $120 U.S.)

"There are a zillion books on Illusion Plans and Designs, both large and small.  Most of them are on my shelves BUT I haven't got one book that explains the 'WHY' it is designed that way and not one on the practical side of actually getting the tools and the brushes and the paints and the REAL WORK that goes on in the workshop before the illusion can roll onto the stage and baffle an audience.


For many years Gerry Frenette has been providing professional magicians around the world with great illusions and unbelievably has put together a set of DVDs that tell you all of the stuff you NEED to know if you want to make an illusion that doesn't look as though a child made it in a shed.


I have been making my own stuff on and off for far too many years but even so I learnt about tools and techniques that I didn't even know existed.


We now live in a world where magic comes at you on beautifully lit, professionally edited, glitzy DVDs.   Here we get a guy who just sits in his workshop with very little in the way of editing and merely (MERELY???) tells you the real methods of a professional prop maker.   He talks for hour after hour after hour and even though you can watch it again I found myself freezing the frame whilst I made some notes (which are now in a file in my own workshop).


Highly recommended."


Paul Daniels




"I have built 38 illusions ranging in difficulty from the simplicity of Abbott's Slick Post Escape to the complexity of a Thin Sawing Illusion that I designed by taking the best ideas from several plans.

I learned the craft of woodworking by trial and error....and made many mistakes. If I had been able to benefit from the information that Gerry Frenette has provided in his series of DVD's, my progress would have been much faster. I would have made fewer mistakes and the quality of the props that I made would have been infinitely better, especially the first ones.


Gerry's course is invaluable, not only to the would-be woodworker who wants to build his own props in order to save money but also to the experienced craftsman, who will learn about new techniques and materials as well as tips on illusion design.


The course runs the gamut from descriptions of tools, hardware and construction materials to the machining of woods and metal to methods of finishing and painting. A large section is devoted to the design and construction of deceptive bases that are much deeper than they appear. This section alone is worth more than the cost of the set.  It is simply genius!  In addition, there are discussions of mechanical principles and the application of electronics.


And there is so much more. I urge any magician who wishes to build his own illusions or is already a builder of illusions to buy this course. It's a whole new world of prop construction because the builder can see via video details what the printed word or still photos can't provide. In my opinion, Gerry Frenette's course is, without question, the best buy ever offered to magicians who are both performers and prop builders."


Richard (Dick) Gustafson

Past National President, S.A.M. (1973-74)

M.I.M.C. (Member of the Inner Magic Circle of London, England)

Lifetime Achievement Award (Milbourne Christopher Foundation-2009)




Course Directory:


Disc One     STARTING OFF      

Total Time: 2 hrs 37 min.


1. Introduction and Overview 15:58

2. Tools (Basic Hand Tools) 30:08

3. Fasteners and Hardware 45:02

4. Materials 52:20

5. Quick and Easy Set-up 13:14



Total Time: 2 hrs 34 min.


1. Power Tools 25:16

2. Metal Work 10:14

3. Fabrics 11:09

4. Mirrors 11:22

5. Tips, Ideas and Advice 28:15

6. Roller Blinds 23:01

7. Glues 10:06

8. Trap Doors 28:09

9. Casters 5:38



 Total Time: 2 hrs 38 min.


1. Electronics 35:54

2. Mechanics 1:10:10

3. Mechanical Tips And Ideas 20:17

4. Painting 32:20



 Total Time: 2 hrs 26 min.


1. Design Techniques and Ideas 27:44

2. Deceptive Design (part one) 40:56

3. Deceptive Design (part two) 43:45

4. Deceptive Design Encore 6:50

5. Theory On Classic Illusions 26:59




 Total Time: 2 hrs 46 min.


1. Watch 3 actual illusions being built by Gerry Frenette.

Includes: Crystal Casket, Double Tip Trunk and

Flash Appearance Cage.

2. Then discussion about 12 illusion ideas you can build.

3. Closing Comments


Disc Six


Data disc containing all pictures, sketches, drawings,

documents and blueprints that you can print out as needed.

"All of the stuff you NEED to know if you want

to make an illusion that doesn't look as though

a child made it.

Highly recommended."


Paul Daniels


"Without question, the best buy ever offered to magicians who are both performers and prop builders."


Dick Gustafson


"Whether you are a magic hobbyist, amateur,

semi pro or professional entertainer, this

mammoth course is a MUST HAVE for your



Hans M Zahn



"A must have"


MAGIC Magazine


"It may become of equal historical importance to Illusionists as the classic Tarbell Course is to general magic. Highly recommended."


The Linking Ring Magazine


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Complete Reviews:

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Note:  It has come to our attention that some of the close-up scenes in the 'Hand Tools' section on Disc One are missing.  The file is ok on our computer, and this is the file that was used to create the Master Disc.  Four of these discs were burned early on, and were sent to a few people ahead of time to get their feedback, which we posted on our website.  (Reviews by Paul Daniels, etc.)  These discs were all fine.  Later, we had to burn a new set of Master Discs (from the same computer file) to send to the producer of the actual Disc sets, because I  I added an introductory section -- but nothing else was changed.  I have no idea how it was possible for a previously existing segment to disappear -- or, to be precise: by some bizarre technical glitch, other scenes appeared instead of the originals.   1000 sets of the Course have been produced, and they are literally all over the world now.  We have determined that, even though nothing important is missing, the best action is to put the correct version of the short section below, including all the close-ups.          

 We apologize for any inconvenience.




"I’ve just spent the most enjoyable time these past few weeks watching and learning things that so far have never been available in one place before!  In fact, most of the information until now has never been in print let alone on digital media.


Imagine if you will, being invited by a Master Illusion crafter, to a one on one intensive illusion building workshop, where every detail is thoroughly explained in minute detail, the reason for using certain materials as opposed to others, what works best and doesn’t.  Information, that can only be acquired from years and years of “hands-on” experience and knowledge.


Sure you can buy books on illusions, some better than others, even plans of famous and popular illusions, but they will not teach you how to actually build one from scratch.  


As long as you are not “all thumbs”, have or have access to, some of the basic workshop machines shown in this immense course, you can pretty much build any illusion from scratch or use the principles and techniques to design and build your very own unique and original illusion.


It’s mindboggling the amount of information that is covered in this groundbreaking course.  You could sign up for a cabinetmaker’s course and come out able to build beautiful furniture, but you would still NEED this course to actually build an illusion.


Depending on your skill level, you may be familiar with some techniques. Perhaps you’ve even built an illusion in the past.  With the information made available to you, covering all aspects of good illusion design and construction, you will definitely be able to build one yourself.   And  you are armed with information, no one until now, was willing to share and you are in a good position when it comes to buying one or having one built by your local craftsman.


Just look at the list of contents for this course.  With that amount of information, I can think of other things to build that aren’t even illusions.


Whether you are a magic hobbyist, amateur, semi pro or professional entertainer, this mammoth course is a MUST HAVE for your library."



Hans M Zahn


January 2012

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Buy Both Part I and Part II and save $50!

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