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Building Your Own Illusions  The Complete Video Course

              Part II!


HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BUILD YOUR OWN ILLUSIONS, but felt unsure, and wished for expert guidance to do it better?


                                    NOW YOU CAN!


Part I of the course contains much needed information about tools, materials, and building techniques with some hands-on experience.  After laying this foundation, Part II focuses much more on building!


You will learn how to construct:  Asrah Levitation; Backstage with the Magician; Shadow Box; Dekolta Chair Vanish; Head Chopper; an original illusion called the Photo Booth; a deceptive base and stairs combo; a clever table design; plus an ATA flight case.  You will gain knowledge to help you build anything else you may design.


5 DVD's packed full with information, plus a 6th bonus data disc containing drawings, blueprints, documents, and photos.


All this for just $150!



Here is what reviewers said about Part I of this course:


"It may become of equal historical importance to Illusionists as the classic Tarbell Course is to general magic. Highly recommended."        


                                            THE LINKING RING


“A must have.”                       MAGIC


“Get out your credit cards!"       GENII


”Most useful product for builders of any type, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about illusions.”    MUM






$150 Can.

(About $120 U.S.)

Reviews for Part two:


"Most assuredly the most detailed examination of the craft of illusion construction ever assembled on video.  These, along with the first set, are must-haves for those who wish to build illusions."


                                                Genii magazine



"I found (the DVD's) to be not only a master class on carpentry for magicians, but also a master class in stage magic history and how to present the illusions on stage.

Highly Recommended."


                                            The Linking Ring magazine



"A great addition to anyone’s library of illusions or prop building information. This set and his earlier one stand alone as fine products no magic builder should be without."


                                             M.U.M. magazine


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Buy Both Part I and Part II  and

save $50!  Click

and see the special offer.

Buy Both Part I and Part II  and

save $50!  Click

and see the special offer.


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