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Building Your Own Illusions Video Course now ready to ship!





but felt unsure, and wished for expert guidance to do it better?


                           NOW YOU CAN!




'Building Your Own Illusions, The Complete Video Course'

            by Gerry Frenette, Magic Makers Inc. Canada.


"So often during my career I have heard from magicians who wanted to

build an illusion, and needed help.   We realized that these people

were not in the market to buy an illusion from any professional builder.  

Maybe they are starting out, or perform only part time and can't  

justify the cost yet.   They are frustrated, as there is only sketchy

information available.   The cost of trial-and-error and undeceptive, or

unprofessional looking props is also too high.   So there is a tremendous

need for this course.  It's never been done before.   No professional builder

has ever shared their secrets and techniques -- until NOW."


You will:


* Learn how to do everything from driving a screw properly to advanced

  building techniques in mechanics and engineering

* Learn how to get a nice paint finish without spray equipment

* Be able to build illusions right in your home (in a small space)

* See exactly how it's done as you watch Gerry build 3 complete illusion

  projects   from start to finish

* Learn dozens of tips, ideas and techniques, and use proven,

  stage-tested measurements

* Learn what materials and tools to use

* Understand how to make your illusion as deceptive as possible

* Get 5 DVD's packed full of information, plus a  6th bonus data disc

containing drawings, blueprints, documents, and photos.






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Gerry Frenette


Welcome to a world of innovative illusions whose time has come! We have been designing and building large stage illusions since 1985, and now offer unique, smaller stage effects as well.  We also take pride in bringing your idea into reality with custom designs, usually surpassing what was originally conceived!

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We are pleased to announce that we have been given permission by Mark Kalin to build Fire Spiker Illusions.  

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  Introducing......  Frederic Clement's





Used Illusion for sale






$1,350 Can., including case.  NEW $5100 WITH CASE


A very baffling, original  appearance which is in great condition. This is the personal property of builder/designer, Gerry Frenette.  Note that a black background is needed to perform this, but it is totally self-contained.  Shipping extra, or pick up in Toronto area.  Fits a person up to 5'3" 115 lbs.  See performance video,  

Out of Nowhere Rainbow Lady open



In Stock Now:  Building Your Own Illusions Part II!

Part I of the course contains much needed information about tools, materials, and building techniques with some hands-on experience.  After laying this foundation, Part II focuses much more on building!

You will learn how to construct:  Asrah Levitation; Backstage with the Magician; Shadow Box; Dekolta Chair Vanish; Head Chopper; an original illusion called the Photo Booth; a deceptive base and stairs combo; a clever table design; plus an ATA flight case.  You will gain knowledge to help you build anything else you may design.

5 DVD's packed full with information, plus a 6th bonus data disc containing drawings, blueprints, documents, and photos that you can print out as needed.



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